Love Handles, Pot Belly

In men, problem areas usually are:

The stomach, hips, double chin or fat deposits on the breast, so called gynecomastia.


Liposuction is intended to remove excess adipose cells. A slimmer, more sporty figure will the outcome which boosts the self confidence of many men. The result is lasting.

The operation can however not replace physical exercise or a healthy diet.

The procedure

The area to be treated will be numbed locally using a modern tumescent method, a special solution. Fatty cells are thus dissolved. Next, a microcannular device is inserted into the fatty tissues though a minute skin incision (about 2 mm) A flexible hose is connected to the suction cannule and a vacuum-pressure pump draws off the fat.

As all aesthetic operations, liposuction, though it’s one of the most frequently performed procedures is not entirely risk-free, even when all precautionary measures and skills are assured.

In rare cases, undesirable side effects may occur, such as , temporary swelling, desensitization or lumpy skin. These are however easily corrected.


The prices have just an approximate value. The prices may vary, due to individual bodily needs. The binding price quotation follows after a personal consultation. Some procedures / surgeries are performed in the hospital, for this only the consultation and follow-up supply is at our medical practice