Excessive Sweating

Sweat stains!

What should be done to treat excess perspiration?
Sweating is normal and healthy

Some 2 million perspiration ducts are responsible for the thermal regulation of our body.

In our nervous system, these ducts are connected to nerve endings. When our body overheats, be it on account of internal of external factors, such as, a very hot environment, physical exercise or tension/stress, nerve signal rates are stepped up which will lead to excessive sweating.

Ugly sweat armpit-stains left on clothing are avoidable.

Botox-therapy is done on an outpatient basis. The substance is injected into the skin of armpits to block nerve transmission and thus halt perspiration in the armpit area.

The patient’s self-esteem and self-confidence is enhanced which is conducive to improved professional and private life.

Sweat Gland Liposuction in the Armpit Area

A new therapy to minimized axial perspiration.

This is a method (due to Dr. Mahra) which combines curettage and liposuction of the sweat glands. It is the most effective therapy method to address excessive sweating at this point in time. A topical anaesthetic is administered. The procedure requires one hour.

A compressive dressing is applied during 2 days.
Strenuous physical exercise involving the upper-arm area should be avoided during 4-6 weeks.


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