The face is especially exposed to adverse environmental factors that cause it to age prematurely – such as the sun, wind or air pollution. You could regain your well being and youthful appearance thanks to the S-lift. After a comprehensive facelift, the features may appear quite altered and set. Instead of the conventional method, the gentler S-lift is used.

What the S-lift involves is partial removal of excess skin in front of the ear. The healing process is faster and scars barely visible. Only minor cicatrisation occurs. The areas treated in the course of the S- lift are mouth, chin and neck. The assurance of a successful result is far greater and patients ready to return to work or social activities much faster.

The procedure

The S-lift method consists of removing only excess skin from the cheek and lateral neck portion. Both the skin and the neck/cheek muscles are tightened and anchored behind the ear. This is how the face will regain a natural appearance.

The pros

  • a natural appearance
  • a brief operation and healing process
  • no hospitalization required
  • barely visible scars since the skin suture is placed in the ear’s natural crease
  • no loss of hair on temples
  • less swelling and bruising
  • facial nerves are not impaired
  • ideally suited for patients having undergone a face lift
  • only excess skin is removed and tightened


The prices have just an approximate value. The prices may vary, due to individual bodily needs. The binding price quotation follows after a personal consultation. Some procedures / surgeries are performed in the hospital, for this only the consultation and follow-up supply is at our medical practice.