Chemical Peeling

Peeling (deep peeling)

The peeling is a form of therapy that is used to improve the skin’s appearance, which is to be achieved through peeling. Among other things to counteract hornification- and pigmentation disturbances, acne, acne scars and aging skin (wrinkles).

The peeling requires no preparation of the skin through the application of cream over many weeks, as is the case in other peelings. The peeling is applied to the affected skin areas after local anaesthesia. The peeling takes about one hour.
The treated areas are then covered with plasters, which are removed by the doctor after 24 hours. The complete rehabilitation of the skin begins the next day and lasts for about one week. The skin receives a brownish colour during this period, become very tense and then sheds in large flakes.

Trichloracid Peeling (medium-depth peeling)

This is a medium-depth peeling that is suitable to counteract pigment spot and acne scars AknenarBen and fine wrinkles. The TCA peeling can be applied without local anaesthesia.
The skin subsequently colours brown and peels off after about 5-7 days.

Fruit-acid Peeling (mild peeling)

This peeling is suitable for refreshing the skin, refining pores and to counteract impure skin. It is a long form of treatment, which according to per cent (from 10-70%) should be repeated at ten-day intervals and complemented with a home treatment. The advantage is that one is immediately socially acceptable.

Jessner Solution (rapid peeling)

This is a combination of various acids (resocin, lactic acid, salicylic acid,…).

This is popularly used to counteract acne, respectively, inflamed acne, and as a pre-scaling for deeper peelings.

The skin immediately adopts a whitish colour after use of the solution, after which reddening occurs. The skin peels on the third day and appears clean and clear.


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