If your problem areas have not been improved despite serious dieting and exercise, targeted figure modelling via liposuction, requiring no anaesthesia or hospitalization might be the answer for you.

The procedureLiposuction is a surgical procedure that will permanently remove fatty deposits under the skin in any location.

The area to be treated will be numbed locally using a modern tumescent method, a special solution. Fatty cells are thus dissolved. Next, a microcannular device is inserted into the fatty tissues though a minute skin incision (about 2 mm) A flexible hose is connected to the suction cannule and a vacuum-pressure pump draws off the fat.

After puberty, the number of fat cells is determined once and for all. The reason why adults loose and gain weight is that fat cells will adjust to nutrition.

Liposuction reduces fatty cells in areas under treatment, which is why the outcome is permanent.

After the procedure

After liposuction a dressing is applied to the area, to be removed completely some 24 hours thereafter.A modelling support garment, e.g. compression leggings should be worn for 6 weeks after the operation.After 6 weeks, the results are clearly visible, though fat cells are broken down up to a year after the operation.

In the wake of liposuction, exercise should be avoided for 6-8 weeks.


The prices have just an approximate value. The prices may vary, due to individual bodily needs. The binding price quotation follows after a personal consultation. Some procedures / surgeries are performed in the hospital, for this only the consultation and follow-up supply is at our medical practice.