Varicose Vein and Thread Vein Removal

Do you have varicose veins that make your legs appear unattractive?

Often, there is a family history, compounded by stationary or sitting activities, excess weight, pregnancy, age, sun exposure or hormonal changes.

You are considering treatment, though not conventional surgery that causes ugly scars.

With aesthetic micro-surgery, barely noticeable traces will remain.

First the relevant veins are marked and a local anaesthetic administered to the treatment area.

The method whereby marked veins are removed, through a 3 mm skin incision, is completely painless.

This treatment requires 1-2 hours after which patients are able to make their way home.

Laser therapy or topical injections are applied to remove thread veins.


The prices have just an approximate value. The prices may vary, due to individual bodily needs. The binding price quotation follows after a personal consultation. Some procedures / surgeries are performed in the hospital, for this only the consultation and follow-up supply is at our medical practice.