Chin Liposuction (Turkey Neck)

Double Chin or Sagging Cheeks

A double chin may be hereditary or caused by overeating

Fat deposits on the chin are very difficult, even impossible to dislodge by natural means such as dieting.

Sagging cheeks are the result of skin and connective tissue that loose elasticity in addition to fatty deposits on the lower jaw area.

Micro- cannular liposuction is the best method as no incision is required and therefore no scars caused. This operation is done on an outpatient basis.

Infiltration of the tumescent solution, a topical anaesthetic lifts skin from bones and connective tissue, so that liposuction may be done gently.

Results are very convincing, in addition to which facial definition is enormously enhanced and cheek contours restored.

The skin and sub-skin tissue is taut in appearance, producing a lifting effect.After the operation, a neck bandage must be worn for 3-5 days.


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